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Residential Profile Questionnaire
People | Lifestyle | Entertainment | Hobbies | Eating Habits | Light and Color | Resources


Number of People_______________________________________________

Any Special Needs?  Yes  or   No




What type of home do you live in?____________________________________

How do you like to live? (circle one)  Casual   Formal  Moderate  Luxurious 

How do you like to entertain? (circle one)  Casual  Formal   Moderate   Luxurious 



Do you like to read?  Yes  or  No    If yes, where?______________________

Do you like to watch TV?  Yes  or  No     How many TV's do you have?_____
Where are the TV's

Do you play a musical instrument?  Yes  or  No  What kind?_______________
Where do you play the musical instrument?_________________________

Do you listen to music?  Yes  or  No
Where do you listen to music?__________________________________

Do you require a special area for listening to music?  Yes  or  No

Do you need an exterior sports area?  Yes  or  No

Are you looking to create a hildren's play area?  Yes  or  No

Would you like an exterior cooking area?  Yes  or  No



What are your hobbies?__________________________________________

Do you have any collections?  Yes  or  No
Are any of your collections on display?  Yes  or  No
What are the display requirements for your collection display?__________


Home Office:

Do you work at home?  Yes  or  No
Is an office required if you work at home?  Yes  or  No
Is an area built-in to your home for working at home?  Yes  or  No
Do you have a separate area dedicated to an office?  Yes  or  No


Eating Habits:

What cooking facilities are required?  (circle one)  Basic  Average  Elaborate

Does more than one person cook at a time?  Yes  or  No

Do you need a pantry?  Yes  or  No


Light and Color:

What type of light do you prefer?  (circle one)
Natural light    Artificial light    Dramatic focused light

Which rooms do you like bright?____________________________________

Which rooms do you like darker?___________________________________

Would you like task lighting?  Yes  or  No

Do you need art lighting?  Yes  or  No



What are your priorities?__________________________________________


What is your wish list?____________________________________________


Do you have an idea of what you and your family would  like to budget for the 
interior design phase of your project?  Yes  or  No

Planned Budget:________________________________________________


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